Admin Dashboard


Full featured Admin Dashboard for managing an ecommerce site

Ecommerce Admin Dashboard preview

Tech Stack

Next.js TypeScript Tailwind CSS Prisma MySQL PlanetScale Shadcn UI Stripe


The Ecommerce Admin Dashboard is built using Next.js, a React framework that enables server-side rendering and static site generation. It is typed with TypeScript for static type checking.

For styling, Tailwind CSS is used - a utility-first CSS framework that makes building custom designs fast and easy.

The dashboard leverages Prisma as the application ORM for the MySQL database hosted on PlanetScale. This provides a scalable, fully managed database solution.

The intuitive admin UI is powered by Shadcn UI, a React component library designed for building dashboards. It provides responsive, customizable layouts and components out of the box.

Stripe handles all payments, subscriptions, and billing. It powers a seamless checkout experience.

Together, these modern web technologies enable building a customizable, full-featured admin dashboard for ecommerce businesses of any size.

The project takes advantage of the strengths of each technology for a fast, scalable, and enjoyable developer experience.

Key Features

  • Robust Admin Controls - The admin dashboard offers full CRUD functionality to manage categories, products, filters, billboards, and more.
  • Dark Mode - Switch to dark mode for an eye-friendly alternative to the default light theme.
  • Vendor Portal - Vendors have a dedicated portal to easily upload products, manage inventory, track sales and payouts.
  • Image Uploads - Seamlessly upload high-quality product images to showcase gears.
  • Featured Products - Admins can control and customize featured/promoted products.
  • Search and Filters - Finding gears is easy with search including pagination and advanced filters.
  • User Authentication - Clerk handles secure user authentication and account management.
  • Order Management - Admins have full visibility into orders, fulfillment, and customer communication.
  • Revenue Analytics - Actionable analytics provide insights into sales, traffic, conversions and revenue growth.
  • Stripe Integration - Stripe powers a smooth, robust checkout experience and handles subscriptions.